Pie’s the Limit with Dan Sheehan

20150418_AB224Tell us a little about what you do.
I own the Humble Pie Company. We make pies sourcing ingredients straight from local farmers and producers. They’re fresh, have a killer
crust and taste great. Ok, that’s not so humble. We’re a values based business, meaning that our decisions come from a place where profit is less important than adhering to our beliefs about quality, integrity, and community.
How did you get interested or involved in food systems / food policy matters?
Well, I moved to Rhode Island and discovered a tight knit community of hard working food people that were all trying to make their passions into careers, just like me. As a business owner, great relationships with suppliers and customers are at the core of how I define success. Being involved with RIFPC is an extension of this and a way for me to deepen those relationships.
What skills/qualities/experience are you proud to bring to the Council, and what, in turn, do you hope you will gain from your time serving on the Council?
I am a scrappy, hard working baker. I bring a perspective of the blue collar, startup food business to the Council. As such, I am a strong advocate of collaboration over competition in this context. We on the Council have a shared responsibility to improve conditions for all businesses. After all, the goal is to make our state a better place to live and work.
What’s your favorite food-related thing about Rhode Island?

I adore that Rhode Islanders maintain a strong loyalty to niche, seasonal foods. There are a lot of places within our borders that take pride in the tradition of creating things like cabinets, sancocho, hot weiners, chimi, stuffies, zeppolle, chouriço, the list goes on, and will hopefully grow as more businesses create new and interesting products.

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