Work Groups

The Rhode Island Food Policy Council sees an enormous window of opportunity for purposeful change in the food system in Rhode Island in the year ahead, and RIFPC Work Groups perform core work of the Council by engaging stakeholders and facilitating improvements that strengthen Rhode Island’s local food system.

Every Rhode Island resident will have access to safe, fresh, affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food, regardless of income or race.

Access Work Group Chair: Georgina Sarpong

The Rhode Island food system’s contribution to the state’s economy will increase and will equitably benefit all Rhode Island residents.

Economy Work Group Chair: Jeff Powell

Rhode Island’s food system will cultivate a healthy environment by striving for zero waste, adopting ecologically sound practices, and ensuring healthy working conditions.

Environment Work Group Chair: Antonia Bryson

Rhode Island’s food system supports healthy eating behaviors and helps reduce the prevalence of, and disparities associated with, food-related diseases and conditions.

Health Work Group Chair: Annajane Yolken

A continuously increasing proportion of Rhode Island’s food supply will be grown, raised, caught, processed, and distributed in Rhode Island.

Production Work Group Chair: TBD