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We’re tracking legislation that aligns with our policy priorities, and any legislation that is related to Rhode Island’s food system.


Hundreds of new bills were introduced in the General Assembly last week, and dozens are now being tracked in our Bill Tracker below. In total, there are over 125 bills in our tracker thus far.  Our largest category, as usual, is Food Business, with over 60 pieces of legislation introduced that would impact Rhode Island’s food businesses. 

In recent weeks, we have also seen the introduction of key legislation aligning with RIFPC’s 2024 policy priorities. The bills and their descriptions are highlighted below. 

  • SB2320 | HB7400:  Introduced by Senator Cano and Representative Caldwell respectively, these bills would provide access to free breakfast and lunch for all students in public schools while creating new programs to promote local and culturally responsive meals 
  • SB2335 | HB7684: Introduced by Senator Mack and Representative McGaw respectively, these bills would exempt urban and small farmers from sales taxes, real, tangible, and personal property taxes, and income taxes.
  • SJR2336 | HB7550: Introduced by Senator DiPalma and Representative Cotter, these pieces of legislation include funding for several Green Bond initiatives including RIFPC’s policy priority to preserve active farmland. 

Want to hear about what our Work Groups are doing to move this legislation forward? Read RIFPC’s February edition of PolicyWire – our monthly newsletter sharing legislative and Work Group updates. 


This Bill Tracker is a reference, covering all legislation affecting the Rhode Island food system and all topics of interest to Council members. The Tracker is updated daily during the legislative session (January-June), and organized by major impact areas.

Find a summary of legislative trends and activities, and other interesting notes here every Monday during the legislative session. We also include links to upcoming committee meetings and agendas.

PLEASE NOTE: A bill that impacts the food system in multiple ways is only listed once, in what is determined to be its primary area of impact.

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Inclusion in this report does not indicate either support or opposition by the RI Food Policy Council.

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