Rachel says ”Being part of this work group allows me to be at the forefront of developments in Rhode Island’s food systems, directly influencing how I can best serve my community and where to focus my energy. Through consistent engagement, I can stay informed, advocate for positive change, and work towards fostering more sustainable and equitable food practices. Moreover, as a first-generation American, biracial individual, I understand the significance of representation in decision-making spaces. I believe that my presence on the committee can contribute to expanding diversity and empowerment within the food community which I know is important to the Network.” Rachel believes that by elevating voices from underrepresented backgrounds, we can create a more inclusive and impactful network that fosters collaboration and collective progress. She adds, “I do it for kids like me – this isn’t a space I’d say I’m comfortable in and that’s why I’m showing up here.” She is committed to using her skills and passion for creativity and communication to support the council’s mission in promoting equitable and sustainable food systems for all Rhode Islanders and she is just so thrilled to be involved in a meaningful way.