Who We Are

Mission & Vision

Our mission

The Rhode Island Food Policy Council is building a more equitable, accessible, economically vibrant, and environmentally sustainable food system in Rhode Island. 

RIFPC is the backbone network for the people, businesses, government agencies, and community organizations that make up Rhode Island’s food system. We take a systems approach, coordinating and collaborating with people in all sectors who are committed and engaged in making our food system equitable; supporting farms, fisheries and food businesses; and working to improve and conserve our land, air, and water.

We work at the intersection of policy advocacy, partnership development, and program implementation. We also play a key role in developing transformative programs, including the Local Agriculture and Seafood Act Grant Program and Rhody Feeding Rhody, and in developing the Rhode Island food strategy, Relish Rhody

Founded on October 24, 2011. Independent 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Our vision

Increasing Production of, and Demand for, Local Food
A continuously increasing proportion of Rhode Island’s food supply will be grown, raised, caught, processed, and distributed in Rhode Island.

A Thriving and Just Food Economy
The Rhode Island food system’s contribution to the state’s economy will increase and will equitably benefit all Rhode Island residents and Rhode Island food workers are assured healthy working conditions.

Access to Affordable, Healthful, Culturally Relevant Food for All Residents
Every Rhode Island resident will have access to safe, fresh, affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food, regardless of income, race, and/or background.

Community Health for all Residents
Rhode Island’s food system supports healthy eating behaviors and helps reduce the prevalence of, and disparities associated with, food-related diseases and conditions.

A Sustainable Environment
Rhode Island’s food system will cultivate a healthy environment by striving for zero waste, and adopting ecologically sound practices that protect the climate and sequester greenhouse gas emissions.

commitment to equity And Justice

RIFPC recognizes the fact that many negative impacts of Rhode Island’s current food system are grounded in a history of colonialism, genocide of indigenous people, slavery, private ownership of land, and the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of too few.

We also recognize that people with visible and non-apparent disabilities are among the most marginalized groups in our country. RIFPC believes that when power shifts to be shared more equitably across our communities and our state, we transform our future together for generations to come.

The mission of RIFPC is twofold. First, to build and maintain a strong network of committed stakeholders from across our entire food system. Second, to leverage that network to build a strong food system that is environmentally and economically sustainable, and that provides all Rhode Islanders with wholesome and affordable food. We believe that it is only possible for us to fulfill this twofold mission by identifying and working to eliminate the ways in which our food system is unjust.

In 2019, Council Members worked together to form this statement. It is revisited each year by the Council, Board, and staff. We strive to become a transformative, anti-oppression organization.

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