Regional Organizations

What would it take to meet 30% of New England’s food needs in the region by 2030?

This new report outlines the role New Englanders can play in making the region’s food system stronger and more self-reliant.

“A Regional Approach to Food System Resilience” is a product of 16 researchers exploring the opportunities and needs along the food supply chain in New England, and highlights the land, sea, and labor needs of the region, consumer purchase metrics, distribution trends, and population projections that will impact the region’s ability to feed itself in the coming years.

Maine Food Strategy


RIFPC supports the New England Feeding New England initiative, serving as a proud partner of the New England State Food System Planners Partnership, a collaboration among six state-level food system organizations and Food Solutions New England who are mobilizing their networks to impact local and regional food supply chains, and strengthen and grow our regional food system.

Maine Food Strategy
Vermont Farm to Plate
Maine Food Strategy
CT Food System Alliance
Food Solutions New England
MA Food System Collaborative
NH Food Alliance