Rhode Island Food System Metrics Dashboard

Monitor and evaluate progress

Use this dashboard to find numbers that can help you understand Rhode Island’s food system.

Data in this dashboard align with an approach that centers people, places, and the planet. They provide a snapshot of the current state of our food system. We acknowledge that there are many more indicators that can be measured to provide a more comprehensive picture of our food system and hope to continue making additions to the dashboard over the years. This is just a subset of information, and we plan to build on it over time.

How YOU can use this data to achieve YOUR mission

  • Set strategic goals for your organization
  • Establish measurable objectives for your projects and programs
  • Add key facts to grant proposals
  • Make a point during public speaking opportunities
  • Support your views in testimony at the state house


  • Trusted sources, clear citations
  • Interactive charts
  • Regularly updated data
  • Simple, easy to understand descriptions
  • Equity metrics integrated throughout