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Amos House

The Challenge

Nearly 70,000 Rhode Islanders live in deep poverty—making less than $9,601 per year for a family of three. Rhode Island has been facing a housing and poverty crisis and not enough residents have a safe place to stay. Inflation has caused food prices to rise leading to an increase in food insecurity for many Rhode Island residents. 

The Approach

Amos House runs programs and works with partner organizations to provide free meals, employment resources, and supportive housing opportunities.

By The Numbers

Since it started in 1976, Amos House has made a significant impact in the community by providing a house of hospitality.

  • Number of free meals served in soup kitchen 2022: 143,000
  • Number of people who come to the dining hall for a free meal everyday: 500
  • Number of individuals in Recovery shelter program per year: 200
  • Number of graduate students in Culinary Education Program: 600
  • Number of graduate students in Carpentry and Maintenance Training Programs per year: 50

Ensure Food Security for All Rhode Islanders

Amos House programs directly impact struggling Rhode Island residents that are facing homelessness, unemployment, and food insecurity by providing resources to empower and uplift houseless and formerly incarcerated individuals out of homelessness and poverty.

Program Description

Founded in 1976, Amos House is a non-profit that is working to provide a hand and a house of hospitality to those in need. Amos House strives to ensure all Rhode Islanders have access to food, housing, and employment security. As an organization, they are committed to social justice and recognize that the causes of poverty and homelessness are very complex and differ from individual to individual, no matter the circumstances.

Amos seeks to serve the needs of communities in Upper and Lower South Providence, by helping those who are formerly incarcerated and people recovering from substance use issues to regain their confidence to re-enter society. They support individuals and families by finding housing and securing employment opportunities. Amos House also provides necessities such as clothing and hygienic products. 

Other major programs they offer include food pantry services, meal delivery, job training and employment, and other social services. They are Rhode Island’s largest soup kitchen and serve nutritionally dense meals that use vegetables grown in the Amos House garden. 

Future Plans

Amos House plans to create more housing shelters for those in need as well as create a dual-diagnosis program where they can address the mental health crisis that has spiked drastically within the last couple of years.

This story was prepared by Jen Alonzo.