Notes from the Field


Urban and Small Farms Success Video

The Small & Urban Farms Video was created as part of efforts to get the word out about the urban and small farms success (H7684) bill. This video is to show legislators that farms are here, and gives them an opportunity to talk about what farming means for them and the community, as well as the challenges they face. The Small & Urban Farms video features:


  • Margarita and Teodulio at Urban Edge Farm in Cranston.
  • Andraly and Sienna as “Open Farms Retreat” in their home farm in Cumberland.
  • Nayeema at her home farm in Cranston.
  • Phillip at his farm at Good Earth Farm in Scituate. 

These are all small scale farmers that have made urban farming their livelihoods and give focus to feeding and engaging their communities, those communities more often than not being underserved, BIPOC, immigrant folks in urban areas.

Please share this video, along with the one-pager for the bill and the sign-on letter.