Notes from the Field


RIFPC’s 2023 Strategic Objectives

Policy Recommendations For Rhode Island's Food System 2023-2030

Following the Council’s decision on legislative priorities for the coming year, a set of strategic objectives has been developed. In 2023, Council Members, Work Groups, Board, and staff will work to:

  • Increase food access, security, justice, and sovereignty for marginalized Rhode Islanders by coordinating and advocating for changes that enable all people to eat healthy, nutritious, culturally and religiously appropriate food of their own choice, regardless of zip code
  • Support the economic strength and resilience of RI food businesses, especially those that have been historically under-served and/or under-resourced
  • Create, contribute to, and advocate for policy that integrates climate, justice, environment, and food recovery in a way that centers social responsibility and economic equity at the municipal, state and Federal levels
  • Provide leadership, resources, and direction to state food system planning and policymaking in alignment with RIFPC’s commitment to equity
  • Empower the network – current Council, Council alumni, and the broader network – to build community power and affect positive change in alignment with our mission


We look forward to continuing to advocate, support, connect, learn, and share with you in 2023! Please remember Work Group meetings remain open to all – join in anytime. The best work comes from conversations with varying viewpoints and voices.